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Sprinter Cup Tray Installation

Thank you for your purchase of the Sprinter Cup Tray.  Please share with others that might find this product useful.  


Remove the stock cup holder from your sprinter 2018-older model. You can see links to YouTube videos below. This is easily done with a panel popping tool, small putty knife, or even a butter knife will do it. There are tabs on both sides (left & right) of the stock tray that must be pushed in, in order to pull the tray out. Doing one side at a time and applying slight pulling on the tray will help keep these tabs depressed while working on the other side.


Removing the three wires from the stock cup holder 12v plug. These two (2) plugs simply pull out from the stock 12v plug. It does take some force to remove them. (DO NOT CUT ANY WIRES) We will use this stock plug when installing the new Sprinter Cup Tray.
*There are 3 wires coming out of the dash. Red (12v +), Brown (12v-), and Gray (12v+ dash lights)


Connecting the new wiring. Simply push the new wiring into the plugs removed from the stock cup holder. Use the order below to match up the colors. Tuck all extra wires into the back of the new Sprinter Cup Tray

RED= RED(12v+whenignitionkeyisturned)
BROWN = BLACK (12v- ground)
(Optional Lighting Kit) GRAY = GREEN (12v+ when dash lights are on/ parking or headlights on)


Install the tray into the space used by the old cup holder.
Align the tray bottom with the bottom of the opening. Align both sides and slowly push the tray back. It will fit tightly.
NOTE: The new Sprinter Cup Tray has a groove on each side that will fit into a tab sticking out on the sides towards the bottom.  This tab runs the length of the side from front to back near the bottom.


Insert the 2 black plastic cup holders into the tray. If you would like you can glue these in place.

*LED Light kit comes on with the dash lights/ parking or headlights.  It will dim with the dash light dimmer. 

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